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Undercover (Oh!) Brother: Bitter Balcony wiretaps The Informant!

The Informant!

Who would think that in times like these, corporate crime could provide a chuckle? Steven Soderbergh gives it a go in “The Informant!,” a comedy of errors about the true story of whistle-blower Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon). Whitacre was a biochemist who in the early ‘90s collaborated with the FBI on the price-fixing investigation against ADM, the corporation in charge of the production of corn syrup among other operations.

Whitacre is a devoted family guy who hesitantly puts his livelihood on the line to expose ADM for their illegal acts. FBI agents Shepard (Scott Bakula) and Herndon (Joel McHale) are pumped to have a key witness at their disposal, but little do they know that dealing with Whitacre might be more trouble than what its worth.


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The Time Traveler’s Wife or How I learned to give up on a real relationship and love the guy who abandons me repeatedly


“The Time Traveler’s Wife”

This review will be handled a little differently than most of the others. It will start off with the movie from the perspective of a woman and then from the perspective of a man. Then I’ll tie the whole thing together with a bitter rant about romance. Ready? I sure hope so…

From a man’s POV:

It’s obvious that a woman would want the unattainable. Clare is probably thinking that “she” can be The One - The One to keep him in one place, er time, because she is THAT special and their bond is sooo… yaaaaawn.


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Stupidity Overload: Crank 2 review

Crank 2

It's time to press the start button again for Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's ode to video game pandemonium in “Crank 2: High Voltage.”

Chev Chelios (Jason Straham) gets to hit continue, back from a temporary brush with death after falling from a helicopter onto the top of a car in the first movie. This time, instead of being poisoned, Chelios has his seemingly indestructible heart surgically removed by the Chinese Triad mafia. In order to avoid fatality, Chev needs to charge the artificial pump placed inside him to recover what he refers to as his "f#*?ing strawberry tart".



JAS is back. We will return to our regularly scheduled program on Monday!


I have acquired the necessary space bucks and have paid off Pizza the Hut. I am back on the west coast and ready to entertain you all with my bitterness... starting Monday. ;)


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They couldn’t have built “Road House” without Swayze

Bitter, Bitter Balcony, Movie Review, Road House 1989David Lee HenryRowdy HerringtonPatrick Swayze,Kelly Lynch,Sam Elliott,Ben Gazzara Road House(1989)

"Road House" has everything. I successfully avoided this 1989 jewel for nearly 20 years, but bam - Thanksgiving eve, I lost my "Road House" cherry. So while the world mourns the tragic passing of Patrick Swayze, let’s raise a glass and count the ways in which “Road House” kicks ass.

  1. The Swayzmeister is Dalton, bouncer extraordinaire (aka “cooler”) and a man so gnarly, he stitches up his own wounds and spouts off such wisdom as “Pain don’t hurt.” Does Dalton want regular or decaf coffee? “Unleaded!”

  2. Ah, the ‘80s. Everyone in “Road House” wears “mom jeans” (pulled up to under the nips) including the men. The women have Loni Anderson hairdos and Home Shopping Network earrings.

  3. The bad guys are easy to spot: the sleeves are torn off their shirts BEFORE they get into fights.

  4. Dalton does topless tai-chi in tight sweatpants while his landlord, a lonely farmer, looks on in appreciation. Uncomfortable.



Silent Hill refuses to stay silent. Confirmed for sequel.


Silent Hill 2 officially official!

Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Roger Avary and Samuel Hadida will be returning the that hill that is oh, so silent and will begin filming next year.

Read more at Hollywood Reporter's post

Kotaku has a few extra tidbits, too at their site



The Fall. Fantastic Ride that is. [User Review]


The Fall

I attempted to watch this movie for many times, over my dinner. But the first 2 min is so dark and emotional I felt it didn't go well with my food.

'The Fall' is by no means an everyday entertainment movie. It belongs to the 'art-house', 'drama' bunch, a movie made with edgy concepts and demanding pop-corn-free viewing with your full attention. It has slow start, slow plot flow and not so much twist and thrill for the story turns. Yes it all sound very boring and dry. But if you happen to have attention focus span for longer than 5 min, you will find that it really grabs you, keep you on the seat all the way, deeply involves your emotion and leave so much in your chest when it finish, that you have to find someone to talk about it for times.

That is why I am writing this down, I guess.