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"Sucker Punch" sucker punches us in the nuts!

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We are pretty big Zack Snyder fans around these parts. He gave us a great “Dawn of the Dead” remake, a chest beating “300,” and a very well adapted “Watchmen.” Heck, he even gave us a great-animated owl movie. The question remains though. Why, oh why, do we feel like we’ve been sucker punched in the nuts?

Snyder took the reigns on this one and dialed the insane action to 11, but the sad fact is that sometimes too much of a good thing is bad. The movie is way over the top and yes, reminds of a videogame. The thing here is that the plot and character development are so paper thin that even if you dialed it back to 10 it still wouldn’t impress.

I, JAS, really tried to hold on, but the action scene with the robots on the train was so epically terribly shot that had I not been sitting next to a friend I would have left the theater. It truly was much like the work of Michael Bay or, heck, even Stephen Sommers. If you have read anything else from us at Bitter Balcony you would know that that is a the worst we could say just under, “it was Uwe Boll-esque.”

The talent involved does a decent to good job. Oscar Isaac reminds of a young Al Pacino and we are left waiting for him to have a Pacino spontaneous screaming session that never comes.

Watch it if you like, but we’re more than happy to forget Mr. Snyder ever made this movie and foolishly(?) wait for the next treat from him.

And one more thing, this movie is way over-CG'ed.


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Que on Tue, 04/12/2011 - 5:00am

I went to see this one and honestly I think I liked it to very far extend. I think the key is what you are looking for... if you are soaked with the preview clips and going for an eye-candy fest then you will get it and obviously you will walk out feeling empty... but if you are looking for something that is more than skin deep you might also find it too...

the movie is much like that lately-popular inception - the story has layers which can easily turn off some audience;
the reality is processed in much coarse images reflecting the cold and ugliness of the reality;
what Babydoll sees is toned up to be prettier - the show business, the layer where the main story happens;
Babydoll's imagination is another layer on top where all the slow-mo fighting happens where she is hallucinating in her head to replace what was actually happening...

doesn't change the fact that the asylum became the institute where most of the girls inside were victimised - an attempt to escape which is doomed to fail doesn't matter how beautiful or fascinating the imagination in those girls head could be.

where Scott Glenn's character, the wise man, appears represents the suggestion that the moment is merely illusion, which sadly putting out the last shot of bus boarding as the hope for victory.

reminds me of the other movie, Pan's labyrinth, only that is in the fairy tail style and Sucker Punch is in comic book flavour. the fancy colour doesn't quite cover the bitterness and the sadness though, unless the focus is on the cleavages and the thighs.

None of Snyder's comic movies have happy endings. can't wait to see his next one, though.

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